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Dr. Darwish is among the few internationally known for establishing the concept of Invisible Seamless Government where pushing services dominates the operation rather that the classic pull mode. He is also among the early visionaries who have anticipated in his famous talk in Paris in 2002 that old structures will fall if they not become agile enough to absorb new technology availed tools. He shed the light on the repercussions of that on governance models and mechanisms especially in the area of citizen participation.

Dr. Darwish is also a well-known nominal figure in Africa in the area of Social Safety Nets. His methodology of linking national databases proven to be very efficient both in service provision and targeting.


2011-to date:



·       Consultant to Microsoft on the preparation of National Plan for Middle East and Africa (2012-2014).

·       Consultant and Advisor to several companies and banks among them a leading Egyptian International Petroleum Company / Group (2011-date), Industry Development Bank(2014-date), Investor Protection Fund (2014-date) Misr Insurance Company (2015), Arab Investment Holding (member of the board 2014) and Misr Insurance Holding Company (2011-2012).

·       Consultant to the World Bank for the study on Governance of State Owned Enterprises (2013).

·       Advisor to UNIDO on several studies and initiatives among them Green Economy and Employment in the Middle East 2013 and Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Middle East, 2011.

·       Invited Expert by several International organizations for numerous workshops among them:

-        Workshop on Economic Reforms and Social Justice in the Arab Region, Sponsored by Royal Prince Hassan Ben Talal, Landau Network and Wana Forum, Como, Italy 2012.

-        High Level Conference on EU and Southern Neighbourhood New Prospects for Mutual Cooperation in a Changing Environment, Sponsored by the EU Presidency, Warsaw Dec. 2011.

-        Helsinki Process: Improving International Investment Regime, April 2013.







Invited Speaker

·       Keynote speaker at World e-ID, Nice, Sept. 2012 and 2013 and Marseille Sept. 2014.

·       Keynote speaker at the Government Technology Summit, Abu-Dhabi, Feb. 2013 and Dubai Feb. 2014.





·       Preparation of the 2 National Project Documents on e-government (Policies and Strategies) 2001-2007 and 2007-2012.

·       The administration and coordination of the implementation efforts of the e-government 4 programs1: Basic Infrastructure, Services Development, State Resource Planning, Integration of National Databases.

·       The design of a new Social Safety Net structure through a newly created family database and the use of smart cards (family card).

Ø  These efforts led to the enhancement of Egyptian rank for electronic and web services is from 160 out of 192 countries in 2003 to 23 out of 192 according to the 2010 UNPAN report in 2010 and the program received the best service award both from the UN in New York (2009) and the African Union in Johannesburg (2008).

·       Design and execution of the Institutional Development and Human Resources Development Program.

·       Re-establishment of the National Management Institute (NMI) in 2006 (originally established in 1954 and dissolved in 1981). It presents an excellence center for IT services, consulting and capacity building.

·       Establishment of the Center for Governance Studies as the first regional center that promotes various governance pillars (transparency, accountability, partnership in decision making, rule of law, …).

·       Chairing the OECD initiative Governance for Development in the Arab World 2005-2009.

·       Leading the efforts for Egypt to join the Public Governance Committee in OECD (2008).

·       Chaired the Egyptian Transparency and Integrity Committee (2008-2011).  The committee composed mostly of non-government public figures and experts. Published 3 auditing reports that tracked the international and national corruption indices along with recommendations for government such as budget transparency, ombudsman and government procurement efforts.

·       Sponsoring and Contracting Cairo University for the largest scientific statistical social study in the Middle East on Egyptian Values Regarding Corruption; which when published attracted huge attention and created a high awareness state especially among youth.

·       Leading major efforts in the area of Access to Justice and the implementation of the major development of the judiciary support system in Egypt.

Ø  As a result of his work on governance Dr. Darwish was an invited speaker to numerous international events, the last was in December 2010 in Paris by OECD on “Making Reform Happen” where he was introduce by Mr. Angel Gurria as the most famous reformer in the Middle East.  Dr. Darwish was also a guest speaker on numerous international events among them the closing session of the European Electronic Administration Conference in Paris (2008).


·        Consultant to the European Commission EC in Brussels on the compatibility and integration of health records for seamless health service provision in Europe.

·        Consultant to the Bank of Alexandria helping to draft the new vision, policies and implementation strategies for the new image of the bank and to design the full LAN/WAN for all branches in Egypt.

·        Consultant to Bank du Caire to: i. design and implement the full LAN/WAN for all 130 branches in Egypt along with voice over IP in addition to video surveillance at some branches, ii. replace/renovate 157 ATM machines and iii. deployment of a new full core and retail banking application in all branches and the connection to a major data center.

·        Consultant to UNESCO for the analysis, design and implementation of the library information system (hardware, software and network) of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

·        Consultant to Middle East News Agency (MENA) on the modernization project for the archiving, network, video conferencing and Internet services.

·        Consultant to Supreme Council of Antiquities to perform Process Analysis and workflow pertaining to Information Production, Storage and Dissemination for the Egyptian Antiquities Information System.

·        Consultant to the Mechanical and Electrical Department at the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources for the modernization of the information system and maintenance system of pump stations all over Egypt (approx. 1600) – funded by World Bank.

·        Consultant to the UN-ESCWA to prepare a study on Information and Communications Technologies in Egypt's Enterprises.

·        Consultant to Shaker Group on Voice, Video and Data Networking aspects of their contracted projects (e.g. KPGM headquarters at Pyramids Height and City Star).

·        Consultant to the National Water Research Center (NWRC) to design the distributed Geographical Information System and the network to be shared among all 12 institutes composing NWRC.

·        Consultant to the Tourism Development Authority to write the RFP, evaluate proposals and technically assist in the start of the Nile Cruise Information and Safety Center.  The project is funded from the World Bank for $20M and aims at installing a differential GPS system to guide cruises between Sohag and Aswan.

·        Consultant to PetroJet to design and help acquire the new company network that links headquarters and all branches all over Egypt.

·        Consultant to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to create and implement a food group database that consists of different elements and allows the analysis of recipes taking into consideration different factors such as water and vitamin loss ... etc.

·        Consultant to Enppi (Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industry) to upgrade the network and build an electronic document and engineering drawing archiving system.

·        Analyzed and designed an electronic imaging archiving system for a leading newspaper publisher in Cairo (under study and evaluation) and the document archiving system for the Egyptian Trade-Mark Office (Contract awarded).

·        Analyzed, designed and shared the development (one of three partners holding the IP) of RSVP, a reconfigurable simulation video performance tool for studying video transmission over wireless channels and ATM networks. (Visit

·        Consultant to Telecom Egypt to prepare the RFP, assess and evaluate different proposals for the full automation of all activities (budget, finance, billing, inventory, ...). Bidders included, SAP, Baan, Oracle, RUSS and CAP.

·        Consultant to the National Telecommunication Institute, helping in cell re-planning to solve the Cairo dead zone areas for cellular phones.

·        Consultant for Mohandes Insurance Company, helping in testing the new upgraded company computer network.

·        Consultant to Noran, an import and export company to analyze, design and supervise the implementation of a full financial system. The company has several warehouses and a small fleet to distribute goods to different customer locations.






Professional Development