Brief Profile Sample Strategy Engagements


1.    Awards

       Egyptian National Engineering Award, 1999.

       Middle East Eminent Persons, Singapore, 2007.

       University of California, Life-Time Achievement (Distinguished Engineering Alumni Medal), 2017.


2.    Public Sector Background

Dr. Darwish was at a ministerial position twice for a total of 9 years. This gave him great exposure to deal with public sector, government and international diplomacy.

2004-2011 He was a cabinet minister where he was an innovator and reformer

2015-2017 He was chairperson of an independent self-autonomous special economic zone (Suez Canal Economic Zone, SCZone) where he laid the foundation for an entity that will play a key role in Egyptian Economy.


3.    UN Background

Dr. Darwish is quite familiar with UN regulations, working ethics, document standards and outcome quality.



       Assisted in preparing workshop, Cairo, June 2014, entitled Towards Effective Institutional and legal Framework for fighting corruption, Exchange of Best Practices

       Dr. Darwish has extensive experience and background on UNCAC. During his cabinet position (2004-2011) he established in 2006 the Transparency and Integrity Committee that was in charge of setting the policies and strategies for anticorruption in Egypt. For the first time the committee was a non-government dominated committee. It included opposition parties, NGOs, independent scholars,

The committee issued an annual report that had quite an impact on country and recommendations were taken seriously.

       Arranged several meetings for UNODC representatives and attended most of the international meetings during that era.



       Chair, expert group on Youth Participation in Inclusive Economic Development, Vienna, Nov 2011. employment in Middle East.

       Author, white paper, Green Growth and Job Creation in Arab Countries, 2013

       Participant, Industry Sustainable Development, Vienna, Oct 2014, International Green Economy and Technology Forum, Manama, Jan 2015, Sustainability of One belt One Road, Vienna, Oct 2016.


UNDP (for Ministry of Planning)

UNESCO (for Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

ESCWA (for Arab States Reform)

FAO (Agriculture Database)

WHO (for General Authority for Health Care)

UNICEF (Business and Financial Model for the use of RapidPro

ILO (drafting Egypt Employment Strategy)


4.    International Organizations Background

Dr. Darwish worked with several international organizations such as the:

       World Bank: several consulting jobs: State Owned Enterprises, Transition Fund,

       The European Union: Several consulting jobs, last: Policy note on EU engagement for Integrated Water Management

       The European Commission, OECD, and others.


5.    Corporate Background

Consultant and member of Board of Directors in several Egyptian and International companies, banks and enterprises in Egypt, Middle East, Africa, Europe and United States.


6.    NGO Background

       Member of board for several NGOs. Example includes:

-      Egypt National Competitiveness Council

-      Gears (Terous) an NGO which is dedicated to engaging the government, the private sector, the civil society and citizens. Landmark projects include:

o   Egypt Vision 2030 which became a National Initiative supported by the president,

o   Egypt Development map: a GIS planning tool that compares service level provision to normal standards based on population density.

o   An integrated approach to poverty elevation in Upper Egypt

-      Al-Korra Foundation an NGO dedicated to providing youth with life work skills.

       Volunteer in Misr El-Kheir, Baheya, Ahl Masr for Governance, Strategy Formation and Digital Transformation.


7.    State Strategies

       Leading the team from ILO and Ministry of Man Power (Labour) to draft the Egyptian Employment Strategy (2022).

       Founder of Egypt 2030, the National Strategy Document for Egypt. This strategy is the one currently under implementation with connected links to SDGs KPIs.

       Drafted the Egyptian eGovernment Strategy 2002 2007 for which he led the implementation later as the Minister of Administrative Development (2004-2011). He received the National Singapore Award as the Most Eminent Person in the Middle East for 2007.

The work done by his team enhanced the Egyptian eServices ranking in the UN-PAN report on eGovernment from 162 in 2002 to 23 in 2010.

       Lead the team at UNIDO headquarters in Vienna in 2012 to draft the strategy report on how to balance Employment of Middle East vs Europe 2012

       Reviewer and evaluator of the Saudi Arabia Labour Market Strategy (2014).

       Chairman of the Good Governance for Development in the Arab World Initiative Lead by OECD between 2005 and 2009.


8.    Corporate Strategies


Main Consultant to draft Microsoft Middle East and Africa Strategy. A huge effort that lasted 2 years and included Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates (2013).


Member of the Board of Directors for Banque du Caire (fourth largest bank in Egypt). Shared in the drafting of the Bank Strategy 2013 2019.

       Oil and Gas

Lead consultant for Pico and Cheiron Petroleum strategy twice 2012 and 2017

Lead consultant for Petrojet 2001

Lead consultant for Enppi 1999


Full Development of the Information Strategy Plan (ISP) for the largest Insurance Company in Egypt Misr Insurance Holding and its 3 Subsidiaries (Misr Insurance Misr Life Misr Asset Management) (2017-2021)

Full Development of the Information Strategy Plan for Delta Insurance and Delta Life (2019 2021)


Development of the Vision, Mission and Values for the General Authority of Health Care, Egypt (2021)

Lead the development of the strategy of Baheya Early Breast Cancer Detection Institute Strategy in 2020.


9.    Academic Strategies

       Drafted the Badr University Cairo (BUC) Strategy 2022 2027

       Shared in Drafting the Faculty of Engineering Cairo University Strategy 2022 2027.